Frequently asked questions

What is TK insurance?

TK, or Techniker Krankenkasse, is state health insurance. Contributions from it’s member and the state help to fund coverage.

What does TK insurance pay for?

Like most other insurance plans, TK pays for your doctor visits, treatments, medications and other types of care. Part of your care (i.e. special medications and treatments) might be subject to additional costs or contributions.

Who can be covered by TK?

Everyone can apply for TK coverage. Usually students, employees, pensioners and those who own their own companies qualify for TK insurance.

*Dependent child, a spouse or civil partner can also be covered by TK. For further questions regarding this, please contact the TK offices.

How much does TK cost?

TK costs are determined by your monthly income. Generally, you can expect to pay 15.3% of your gross monthly income. For instance, if you make 2000 euros per month than you can expect to pay 306 euros each month for TK. Finally, an additional 3.3% fee (3.05% if you have children), known as Pflegeversicherung is also required.

*This 15.3% is made up of a 14.6% general fee and a 0.7% TK fee.
**The maximum monthly contribution is capped at 694.50 euros/month. This is the upper limit required for those who earn more than 4537.50 each month.

How much does my employer pay?

If you are employed, you can expect your employer to contribute half the cost of your TK membership.